Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summary Point 4

4) The expression "evening and morning" is meaningless except on a rotating sphere with a single light source. God began clearing the dense blanket on day one to diffuse visibility, then completed it on day four. Like Gideon's lanterns, Moses' veil, or the pillar of cloud hiding Shekinah glory, so stars were veiled until day four.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Summary Points 2 & 3

2) After that basic celestial creation, God hovered like a patient, brooding bird at night for an undefined time until the first day of light over the ocean which took place less than 8,000 years ago.

3) We conclude that planet earth existed as a coherent body after the verse one creation, rather than an "unformed" fluidic mass, by use of the "subtraction method" (starting at the "very good" completed sixth day and carefully subtracting each days specified work until the command, "Let there be light.") Then we look at the remaining scene to determine inescapably that planet earth was completely formed, ocean covered, although sterile, at verse one and if earth was complete, then the "heavens" were complete, being part of the same expression. If earth had been created before the heavens then a logical Holy Spirit would say, "In the beginning God created the earth and the heavens," not the reverse. The planet was "uninhabited and empty" of life. Later the "empty" condition was replaced with "full" when God commanded living things to "fill" the air, land and waters. The six days all relate to the biosphere.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summary Points # 1

I will be posting summary statements that appear at the close of the book The Age of the Universe: What Are the Biblical Limits. It is intended as a discussion starter. Each paragraph, therefore, should not be considered complete as an argument. But many subjects are epitomized, thus providing many topics for discussion. Obtain the book from the web site www.ageoftheuniverse.com. Visitors to this blog are invited to comment, improve, elaborate or disagree. (Friendly respectful language only will be posted but all views are welcome.) Paragraphs are numbered for easy reference.

1) It is a grave and grievous error to conclude a mandatory young universe. God created the universe and planet earth in the undefined past, probably long before the six days of biosphere work of Genesis. To view Genesis 1:1 as a topical summary is erroneous and destructive to the true testimony of the creation account. The planet was ocean-covered, but kept in total blackness by a blanket of thick darkness somehow made of "waters that were above" and wrapped around the planet, like a swaddling band and blanket are wrapped around a newborn babe. The planet Venus, with a clouded atmosphere, has never experienced a true "first day" on its surface, and, therefore, has no terrestrial reference to season, years or celestial orientation. Although its atmosphere differs completely in composition (and there may be considerable translucence) it illustrates earth‚s condition of "darkness on the surface of the ocean" before day one which had a totally opaque cloud cover. Omission of this primary creation passage in Job 38 cannot fail to leave a flawed interpretive legacy.