Friday, March 6, 2009

Gorman's surgery

Dear Family and Friends,

After a pretty miserable week, compounded with multiple problems (upper respiratory infection, prostatitis, pancreatitis, and back strain), Gorman's doctors kept him on nothing but IV fluids and antibiotics until Wednesday. His pancreatic lab values which ordinarily are 30-40 had been over 3,000 in the ER. After "resting" his pancreas, the labs diminished to almost normal on Wednesday, whereupon the surgeon decided he was comfortable to operate. It seems that the pancreas and the gallbladder share a single duct. A gallstone had plugged the duct preventing either organ from draining their digestive juices, so Gorman was essentially digesting his own pancreas, which was exquisitely painful. After more MRI's, lab tests and x-rays, they whisked Gorman to surgery on Wednesday relieving him of his gallbladder and all those stones. This was a complete surprise to him, as he never had a single symptom before Monday. Now I can no longer tease him by calling him "Mr. Gotrocks" 'cause his rocks are all gone.

I brought him home this evening and he is resting as comfortably as possible, taking fluids and very soft foods for a while, and will probably be back to his own email in the very near future. He is still on antibiotics, and obviously pain meds. He will have to go back for another procedure in about 6 months to handle the urology problem. We are so grateful to God that this was discovered before it caused great damage to the pancreas. His mercies followed us throughout this whole thing in so many ways.

Our most sincere thanks and appreciation for the support of all our wonderful family and friends. You visits, calls, cards and emails really lifted our spirits, and we could feel the results of all your prayers. Gorman had the most wonderful doctors, everyone from the Kaiser phone advice doctor, the ER doctor, his Kaiser internal medicine doctor who followed his entire hospital course, and a very skilled and knowledgeable surgeon. Everyone from the parking attendant, the various x-ray and lab technicians, all the nurses and aides, even the transport people were so very kind. Surely the spirit of God was with us in every way, thanks to
all your prayers and support.

Again our most profuse thanks. God bless you.

We love you all,
Alice (for Gorman)

Debate DVD

The debate on Feb. 22nd went well. A DVD of the event will be available shortly.