Friday, February 19, 2010

Creation Conference 2010

I am hoping to attend this event in N.C. Let us pray for God's blessing on it and opportunities to advocate Young Biosphere Creationism.

"Wednesday, June 9 – Sunday, June 13

Lifeway Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, NC

THE ATHEISTS ARE ON THE MARCH LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Why? Because creation is also being discussed like never before, and they are worried! This series of lectures and activities will equip you and your children with the necessary tools and information to dramatically affect this world for Christ.

Schedule: This five day conference has over 20 sessions including a Q & A panel, a special forum on distant starlight, and a geology excursion to nearby Linville caverns and a broad range of presentations on the creation/evolution issues.

This may be the most comprehensive and important conference held in 2010.

Gary Bates

Creation Ministries International (US)
PO Box 350, Powder Springs, GA 30127

Phone: 1-800-616-1264 Ext. 205