Monday, July 27, 2009

Creation Research Society Conference (S.C.)

I just want to express deep thanks to those of you who helped in prayer on our trip to South Carolina and the address I gave to my friends there.  I  agree with them about everything except the 6000 year old universe and planet earth. but that point is so cardinal with them that it was a surprise that they allowed me in at all. Anyway, things went well and Alice and I are both convinced it was well worth our time and effort to participate. There were two meetings simultaneous so mine was attended by only 20 or 30 people.  Alice has summarized it in the paragraph following.
Trip summary:
John Morris, son of Henry Morris who was the "father of the modern creation movement," attended Gorman's lecture. Since his father died two years ago, John Morris is now president of the Institute for Creation Research. The Morris family is so steeped in young universe theory, they have always been quite critical of Gorman's young biosphere position. However, after the lecture John Morris actually said, "It makes more sense than I had thought," or similar words. Only God knows what will become of this, but right now we are encouraged by two very promising invitations. Because of this conference Dr. Robert Brown, professor emeritus and former head of Geoscience Research Institute at Loma Linda has invited us to be his houseguests so that Gorman could participate in a session at Loma Linda Church. Dr. Brown has always espoused Gorman's view, but many of the upcoming younger scientists do not. That could be very interesting. So we would ask for your prayers for God's will in these future possibilities.    (By Alice.)
Last May an enthusiastic benefactor offered to pay for the advertising in World Magazine.  So as a result about 50 books were sold so far with many more in prospect. Today I brought 50 more to the book binder because I have only one book left which will go tomorrow, I suppose.  Anyway, I always seem to have enough encouragement to keep me energized and chafing at the bit to extend the breadth of this very important correction to the creationist movement. I am certain that the ramifications of the CRS conference at USCL  (University of South Carolina at Lancaster) will not be known for some time...  Anyway, time will tell and prayer changes hearts.   I want the holy name of Jesus to be glorified.