Friday, April 9, 2010

Age of the Earth/ Age of the Biosphere

My friend, Dr. Jackson, answered a query about the age of the earth this way:

"Dr J. I have a teacher who thinks God created the world but used evolution so the world is millions of years old. How do creationists refute that? What evidence do we have? Does it matter how old Earth is? Ok thanks so much. God bless! - Jessica G."

"Jessica, we've got dino bones with blood still in them. They've gotta be only 4000 years old. We found a group of WW2 warplanes 275 feet inside a glacier that's moved miles in just decades not eons. Glaciers grow faster than they are telling us. Cave stalactites don't take "millions" of yrs, either. Just look up— next time you drive under a stone bridge that --is not-- millions of years old—you'll see them there anyway. The problem is ... how do --evo's-- get off saying Earth --is-- billions old?? Keep thinking. Dr J" - POINTS OF ORIGINS with Dr. Jackson Creation Truth Foundation

We agree with young earth creation apologists, but call attention to the distinction between the older age of our planet's mineral base and the relatively recent creation of the biosphere. (This latter creation is described in Genesis chapter 1). We believe that the undefined age of the universe model fits a literal exegesis of the Genesis account, allows for the observational evidence of astronomy, yet defends the recent origin of earth's biosphere and the divine creation of all living things.

- posted by J. Woodward

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